• Very soft, fits standard size pillow perfectly. The back has a zipper closure. I use these for added color/decor to my bed. I recommend these soft,, shaggy pillow shams.. Great price and fast shipping.


  • Softest throw. I already had 1 that I purchased 2 years ago. It still has its softness and hadn't gotten ratty like some of these blankets do. I bought a bigger one this time around and I was not disappointed. It looks elegant, feels amazingly soft and has knotted up burs or little balls on the blanket. Highly recommend.


  • It is lovely. My dog loves this style of bed and this one is so much easier because it has zippers. It is also easier to add more stuffing when needed, definitely recommend.


What the Fluff? (Our Story)

One night, after an exhausting day, the kids and I were lying in my bed cuddling with our insanely snuggly dog, Cosmo, whose fur will remain puppy soft for life. My oldest, who frequently has a hard time falling asleep due to his OCD, was using our dog as a pillow. He commented, "I wish we could make a pillow that feels like Cosmo".

Moments later, he was fast asleep.

He was so comforted by the soft and warm embrace of our dog's fur, that I suddenly knew we had to create this and share it with the world! Why are we all sleeping with boring flat pillow cases when we can be snuggling into a cloud of cotton candy? We’re now on a mission to transform the bedroom (the world?) starting with our fluffy, faux fur, pillow case.

Join us in our quest to Make it Fluffy™!

We deserve this.